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Who Needs a Turkey When You've Got Two Hams?!! 😊

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Tavish and Oliver, hamming it up --- or maybe just wondering why I interrupted their cozy snugglefest?! 😊
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  1. marisela3:30
  2. DeDonder3:35
  3. hadzi3:50
  4. ofehoyos4:03
  5. Olya4:10
  6. Arug4:17
  7. slavka14:22
  8. Sylvester4:32
  9. Carol664:41
  10. dutch714:47


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Yes, you're right, Olya! And they're doing a good job of it. 😊 Also pet therapy at its best. Haha. Looking forward to seeing your guys when it fits in!

Mine will stay a short while on the bed and then they're off to one of their other snuggle spots. My previous cats Wimsey and Tango slept on the bed more.

Tavi and Ollie are quite good at being alarm clocks in the morning, with purrs and pestering --- mostly their timing is pretty good, but sometimes it is off and then mum can be a bit grumpy at being awakened too early. On the flip side, they've been known to let me "sleep in" just a wee bit -- funny thing is that it takes me by surprise. Always something but wouldn't have it any other way.


Hi Nancy, I think "delightful rascal" is in most cats' job description :) My fur babies don't snuggle with each other any more - these days, we are lucky if the three of them will even share my bed... I'll try to post a picture soon!


Nice to see you, Olya! These guys are mostly delightful rascals. Haha. How are your fur babies?


Awww my goodness! Adorable!


Awww Anne, I can just picture it! Charming. Trusting too. 😊


@calluna Oh indeed I have, Atsutsita was on my bed this morning as I did my e-mail and jigidi work. I open the window shade by my bed to about half mast so she can look at the outside world. She spent about 20 minutes making sure all the plants, rocks, and leaves were in the right place then moved onto my bed to sleep on her back with her invitingly fluffy belly upside. Oh, the temptation.....


For sure, Anne. Oh no it’s the mamarazzi again πŸ˜‚ You’ve probably seen that look too, eh?


LOL. They do look like they are wondering "What's up?"


Thank you KC, Carol, Impie, Ella, Dizzy, and Patsy for enjoying Tavi and Ollie! I'm grateful to have found these two bonded littermates.

They were in a rural shelter east of the mountains from 4mo - 10mo and I discovered them online when they were transferred to a larger shelter about 200 miles west and nearer urban areas, and about an hours drive for me to meet them and take them home in February 2021. 😊

Yes, theycan also "be" pawsitively adorable, but as we all know, we still love our fur babies even when they're being rascals. That's just how it goes and it keeps life interesting. 😊


Wonderful photo of very expressive faces & gorgeous eyes.

Tavish and Oliver! What great names! They look pawsitively adorable .....


I just love Tavish's expression, Nancy! "What is WRONG with you?" Oliver is more like, "Oh, hi, need something?" So glad to see them!


Aww...What a photo!!! Love your caption too!

Those eyes... and their lovely faces, such cutie pies, Nancy. Thank you for sharing your sweet kitty boys. 😻😻



They are adorable & your caption is spot on humorous!!! 🀣


I'll take your two hams over a turkey any day!

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1 March 2020 - 27 May 2016
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