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AMAZING DOG TAUGHT TO DRIVE! watch the video link!

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(bbc news asia 5 December 2012)
A charity in New Zealand is teaching rescued dogs how to drive a car.
The canine driving school is aimed at proving how intelligent the animals can be.
Monty - the giant schnauzer - posted and jigged here- is among the novice drivers who have learned to control the brakes, gears and steering wheel.
Monty was given up by his owners 6 months previously, saying he was too difficult to control.
After only 7 WEEKS of training the 3 dogs were ready to drive a real car!
While it's a lot of fun, it has a serious purpose - the Auckland based charity, who came up with the idea, wants more rescue dogs to be adopted + thought it would be a lot easier if the public were able to see how intelligent these dogs actually can be! The 3 dog's driving abilities were showcased live on New Zealand national TV.

I found this story and just had to share it - it's just amazing! What an innovative way to encourage people to adopt a dog. More Shelters should do this kind of thing!
WOW! ; )
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hey guys, I've added a little info. Thanks for going to the link. It's a great story isn't it! ; )


What a great video, and a wonderful way to show people how intelligent these dogs are, enhancing their chances of adoption. Thanks, Amazonia!


Clever dogs & a clever idea to encourage the adoption of rescue dogs.
I wonder if he'll be allowed on the road, since he probably has a licence..... ;-)

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