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Wild Strawberries

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These vines appear like weeds in the garden and in the grass. I doubt they are safe to eat. They mostly look like strawberries.
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You're welcome, Eva. Enjoyed your reminiscences too. I am enjoying the sight. Hugs my friend♥♥


I have the same experience as Ella. We would take a Sunday ride out to the woods to pick whatever was there, berries, flowers or mushrooms and the best part for us kids were the creeks with the frogs..Good memories☺️ Enjoy the sight if not the taste..Thanks Ardy..Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Val, I've never seen birds eating these. But they are welcome to them. I love the spots of red in the green. Hugs my friend♥♥


Thanks, Shirley. Lots of birds hang out in the bamboo a few feet away from these. They are welcome to them. ☺


Wonderful feast for the birds here Ardy Hugs my friend♥♥


I'm sure they won't stay there long when the birds find them, Thanks, Ardy.


Jacki, I took more photos this afternoon. I accidentally picked one but that let me get a better photo of it. They are definitely on a very thin vine of some type. ♥Hugs♥


Thanks, Faye. I took some more photos today. I loved sitting there looking at them. They are lots of birds around.


Thanks, BeeKay. They are ever so many more this afternoon out there. They look so pretty.


They look good but I'm not about to try them, Jackie. Thanks.


Ardy, I think they do develop underground runner roots and shoot up new sprouts along the runner roots. But they're not really vines. But even the wild ones are too heavy for their delicate stems, and the berries hang down from their stem rather than growing up -- at least that's true of all the ones I've ever seen. ♡hugs


Aaahhh...I remember wild strawberries from camping trips. So tasty! And another notecard shot with those hints of red! If these berries are edible, I'm sure the birds will enjoy them. :)))


They sure are a nice bright red. I bet the birds will love them!

They look good enough too eat.


You're welcome, Lunie. A bit of your favorite color. ☺


Thought it looked pretty, Suzy. Glad you agree. ♥


Thank you, Ella. Good to hear about your childhood experiences. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day,


Thanks, Jacki. If I wander back there again and remember I'll investigate the vine and the berry. I know my aunt planted strawberry plants but I thought they developed vines around their part of the garden. But I was a kid back then. ♥Hugs♥


Me either, Pat. Don't plan to start in again now. ☺


Could be, Morris. I have no plans to try them. Thanks.


Whatever in red is pretty to me...Thanks Ardy for this SB or not


The red is a nice touch of color---be they edible or not!


Ardy, when I have been a little girl we used to go to forests to collect these berries. And in my opinion they are many times better than garden strawberries. And you are right, extra sweet and small. Different from garden strawberries. At present they are added to youghurt and that is wonderful. But I don't think there are as many strawberries in the woods now as in the past. And I do not know why. Maybe acid rain, maybe dry soil, I don't know. And the same situation is with blueberries and cranberries. We collected them all about 50 years ago. Thank you for this beautiful photo and I send many greetings, Ella


Sandi, is there a variety of strawberry that grows on a vine? Ardy, are you sure the vine and the "strawberries" are actually the same plant?
I don't think they are strawberries. It looks to me like they are growing up from the leaves rather than having the leaves over the berries. I've seen something that looks very like these up here and thought they looked rather like a cross between a wild strawberry and a raspberry, but never dared taste them, not knowing what they are. What I can't remember is whether those berries, whatever they are, were on vines.
Ardy, edible or not, they're certainly pretty little things. Thanks and ♡hugs


Haven't ate wild strawberries since I was a kid and that was many many moons ago .. Hugs


I agree with Sandi, and if I remember correctly they are very seedy.


Thanks, Sandi. Don't think I'll try them though. They show up in various places in the yard from time to time. Seems I remember true wild strawberries being extra sweet and small.


Not only do they "look like" strawberries, but they ARE strawberries. I believe they are safe to eat. I would surely be dead by now if they were not. But, do brace yourself. They are a bit sour as I recall. We used to pick them when I was growing up. I have some in one corner of my yard now.

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