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Cat shaming series

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Me too.-----------Molly

I mind too. :)


Taco is pleased with himself, and evidently his humans don't mind. I mind, lol.

This cat looks pretty slim already. :)


Or a smaller butt, YO.


Yup. Deffinitely a lawyer in a cat costume. No other explanation works!

Haha! No one is immune it seems. :)


Oh dear I just gave Jim breakfast in bed, came back to kitchen and Bella was sitting in the tray as much to say not on counter (we call it kitchen bench here) I took a photo☺☺

Need a bigger towel. :)


I notice his feet are on the paper towel but his rump looks like it's on the counter. Don't know why I'm pointing that out -- it never bothers me.

Now there's an idea. He's no dummy. :)


Maybe he likes having his picture taken more..!

Think Taco was in the egg carton yesterday. He sure likes counter tops. :)

My feeling is no cat on counter or just aren't ever able to put something down and leave it for a're right, that is the objective...stay on the floor or bed or living room furniture...I have a spray bottle somewhere...Sherry :)))


Sherry - what action would they take? Anytime they put something down Taco sits on it. Maybe the goal is to just not have direct catbutt on the counter...

Fredde, really good one, maybe even a square of paper towel on the floor, it does seem to work well with him. Again, stopping to take the stupid picture before taking whatever action needed?...Sherry


That cat needs the tape square on the floor. Or counter.

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