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THEME: Blue Animals! (red frame)

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But the lizard's tongue is deep, bright, unquestionably blue!

As to the website - Just a tad on the creepy side, don't you think?? LOL
However, I had a Cocker Spaniel when I was about 8 who had black spots on his tongue, too! However, no one ever suspected tongue piercing. That's hilarious!! Sounds like said neighbor has had a fascination with those piercings.......TOMA and all.


Sissell - I am so glad you liked it! thank YOU!


FYO, some dogs have blue/black tongues,notably the Chow and Shar-pei breeds. There's a website showing dogs with coloured and pigmented tongues should you, for whatever reason, be interested:

Freddy has developed a black spot on the end of his tongue leading my naive and short sighted neighbour to ask if I had had his tongue pierced...??


Great BLUE puzzle - thanks for sharing :-)


Pat & SHeidi - It is certainly BLUE! LOL


Ooooo... I love that blue tongue!


Love the blue animals. I'm with Ardy about the blue tongue. As they say you learn something new every day. Thanks for todays lesson.


Believe it or not - that lizard has a blue tongue and I did NOT enhance the color! Very odd, isn't it!
There are no blue slugs here! I hear they are all in Wales!
Ardy - I take any grade I can. If I get such an exceptional one, I am elated!
Dagmar, I found the lizard very compelling!


Ah, but is it a blue tongue or is it a blue slug sliding in there?? Weird! :-)


Beautiful, I love the lizard. :))


Jan, As so often happens I am really impressed with your creative handling of themes. Another "exceeds expectations" grade this week. Thank you. That blue tongue really startled me.


As you say, Maryma, nature is amazing! Love these blue fellas!
Great avatar you have!

Hanne - they are unbelievable!


They are fabulous, Jan!! Thanks for showing!!


Very nicely done JiggyBelle, isn't nature beautiful?

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