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Three of the Four Horseman (of the Paintocalypse)

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Four rollers can paint six feet of wall width at one time. Our four man record is 60 gallons in one nine hr day. BTW the fourth was taking the pic. Thought it would be a cool pic for on here. Have fun, Dclo
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  1. JUNKMAN1:08
  2. Dclo1:16
  3. Diannepuzzle1:18
  4. emilym1:26
  5. mble1119111:30
  6. jyl1:46
  7. Robson1:47
  8. WWJD1:56
  9. Davidishere2:06


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They are black on my screen, no biggey


Hello Kossamu, What exactly do three blacks hearts mean? I have an idea but was just curious. Thanks, Dave

Good night, D. Feel better tomorrow (that's an -M


Sorry Merrie! I just told you I'd let you go first and I by habit posted it then solved it quick,duh Dave duh. They are 18" wide, homeowners are 9". We've completely done over 2000 plus ceilings in the three year "refurb plan" I have for these places. The owner switched paint suppliers years ago and everything got completely messed up with different colors and nothing matching, nightmarish to get everything back to one distinct color. This week is the end of the three yr. plan and they look pretty darn good. The ceilings have taken a toll on shoulders and necks and backs and..... Jumping into bed, talk later M, thanks, D

Wow, you and your workers make it look so syncronized and fun. I really like those rollers you have...the angle is different than regular 'homeowner' looks like it would really help you see exactly where you are painting. You must really know your paint and rollers to be able to not drip, but I would think after so many rooms, you would either be very good or in a different job. lol (like photographer or farmer or jigsaw puzzle champ or...)


No we don't because its rare we drip and when we do it's easily wiped off of the tile. The carpet is covered as you see. Also when you paint 100-110 college apts in ten weeks I save my customer thou$and$ in labor by not taking the time, which is a lot, by using/laying down drops everywhere. The risk is easily worth the financial rewards. It's why I've been his sole painter of approximately 275 total rentals for several years now and why I keep getting his repeat work. BTW I am one of "they" and I make that decision. We are not "slop jockeys" and we are very good at what we do.Thanks, Dave


They don't have drop cloth covering the whole floor. I guess they aren't worried about spattering paint.

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