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Precious better know as Butterball

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Awww, he looks like a real cuddlepuss!


A gorgeous colour. My cat, Tasha (long haired tortie and white) doesn't eat much but puts on weight. My daughter's just taken in a Bengal cat that's skinny but eats like a horse, much more than my Tasha, and doesn't show an ounce!

I have one whose name is Casey, I sometimes call him pork chop. He's that soft peachy colour like your Precious. He's chubby but doesn't eat much. Not sure why that is.


Beautiful and precious


Precious is 'precious and pretty', without a doubt! TFS

Little sweetheart, I'm so glad they are not letting you starve .


oh - sorry - THAK YOU FOR SHARING! Butterball IS PRECIOUS!


he looks EXACTLY like my first kitty- "itty bitty SMITTY kitty"
... or affectionately known as SMEE. Sometimes referred to as my 20 pound flabby tabby.
Same dainty little paws, same butterscotch coloring!
Stupid dry cat food! I didnt know cats do better on canned cat food.
NOW I know.

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