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‘back in my day’ Millennial Edition

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Amen to that Bill, hope you have it all in the Outer Limits. ◔‿◔


Back in MY day, there were no Harry Potter books. Back in MY day, there was no such thing as Netflix or DVDs. We had no video games either. But we did have plenty of books, which we read.

When I grew up in the country, we had a "party line" that had 8 other phone numbers on it, and other people could listen in on your conversations, so you had to be careful you didn't say anything you didn't want anyone else to know!

I still have a landline in my house and its quality is far better than most people's cell phones these days. Thanks for this puzzle, Bill. It was nice to think about those days. Althea


Hey I recognize that Playstaion game cartridge.


Four and a half hours of fun was too short :-))




Yeah, I miss when Pluto was a planet.


Hi Bill! I remember those days fondly, when Pluto was a planet, ha!


That's very kind of you, Simone. For some reason, I don't seem to have much time anymore. I don't understand why!?

We will look into Starlink. Thanks, Bill!

Happy with every puzzle you can post, Bill!


Merrie, perhaps you should look into Starlink. @Bommom also lives out in the boonies, in Pennsylvania, and is very happy with it. Plenty fast for streaming.


I'm only posting occasionally, Simone. Mostly on the weekend.

Netflix supposedly has a distribution center in Charleston, WV (about 1.5 hours away) but it can still take 4 - 7 days to get a new disc. I think they are trying to blame the Postal Service when it is really Netflix who is dragging their feet on the turn around time so we don't get as many discs in a month. Sometimes I wish I could stream, but I don't have good internet here (even a 2 min. youtube video can take 15 min. to get through). I don't subscribe to any tv service so movies by disc are the only entertainment I have. By the way, if you haven't seen "Cry Macho" yet, get it from Netflix was a great movie and the 'extra' part was very good. I actually kept it to watch a second time before sending it back.
Hope you are feeling less pain tonight, Bill. --Merrie

So glad to see your posts, please take it easy. John Atkinson is certainly a very clever man. Thanks for the post.

Great you are able and feeling well enough to continue publishing puzzles for us.


~💙 ~


Hi Jeri!


I know they do, Merrie, but they closed the distribution center in Denver, so discs now take four days from Santa Ana. And given the post office's ongoing level of dysfunction, it just isn't worth it anymore. And I regret that because Netflix by mail has always had a better selection than streaming.

I think Netflix is trying not too subtly to push disc-by-mail customers to stream because they are not obtaining the next in so many of their series that I would like to be watching, particularly those that are also available from BritBox. It's sad.

Bill, Netflix still does discs through the mail. We still get them (just sent one back yesterday). I still have a landline (even though the local phone service is terrible) and a cell phone that is NOT smart. Hubby and I only have REAL books and do use Cash or Checks for most things. Yup, we are dinosaurs and proud of it!!


I'm pleased you all enjoyed these. John Atkinson really is a thoughtful and clever fellow. I regret the demise of several of these "improvements" (are you listening, Netflix?). And yes, I also remember part lines. :-/


Very funny and true. I like bbeeton's "B.C."!


Hi, Bill. It's great to see you,


Oh yes Lisa, I remember the party lines lol. When I was a little obnoxious kid maybe 4,5,6 y/o if I picked up the phone and someone was talking I 'might listen in a little' it was always boring and didn't last long, I grew out of it quick, and the party lines disappeared all together.

And I've taken to calling B.C. "before computers".

Thank you, Bill. I love John Atkinson's cartoons, and this is a good one. (I edit a small user's group journal, and, with his permission, we've published several that were particularly apt. Another generous citizen.)


I can so relate to all of these......


Take it easy Bill. Don't over-do it. Kalola

Oh, Bill - you have again succeeded in presenting another set of very stimulating puzzles today. I am certain that you are making many of our friends happy today.

@eagleboi -Even with my landline, I have the obnoxious experiences you mentioned. But it's not all bad. Remember when one had to crank the wall phone to get an operator to place the call? Or even with the advent of dial phones, there were no private lines - we only had party lines shared with three or four other parties who could listen in on you calls?


Ahhh, the good old days!


After I turned 65 and had to sign for Medicare part B the calls started for death benefits and Medicare supplement 3 years later I still get 6 to 10 calls a day. What happened to the privacy act? How did my info get out, oh yes the internet!


Oh I long for those days to come back. Cell phones were both a great convenience and a great downfall for humans, no longer does a person pick up a phone when you call you get choices pick 1 for this, 2 for that 3,4..and on and on. You press the button corresponding with your need, wait a 1/2 hour then are told hold only to be disconnected. If that isn't bad enough all the sales pitches that are robocalls to millions of innocent people who are not interested the least in what they are trying to sell you. Give me back my landline and peace and quiet. Thanks for sharing Bill, the times they are a-changing aren't they.


Hee, Hee, Hee!

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