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Happy Birthday Ardy!!

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Ollie already started on the cake! Sam is waiting for you :)
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Thank you all for making Ardy's birthday memorable and the fun comments!! Lol! A black and white hair in your piece of cake?! How can that be?! Really don't understand how it got there! Lol! We were lucky they left some for all of us! :)))


Thank you Nicky and Faye. Still celebrating.


Well, it will be cake for breakfast for me! And Sam! And Ollie! I know you're out for lunch with friends right now and I'm glad to see you extending the fun, laughter, and happiness. Hope your entire year is the same, Ardy! Much love...Happy Birthday! ❤️❤️❤️

Great party, Yvonne...even though I found a black, and a white hair in my slice of cake! LOL ❤️❤️❤️


A beautiful card for you, Ardy - that cake looks so good & I think Sam & Ollie have already found that out!


Thanks, Pat. Yes, I saw the stick from Ollie or with Ollie. Don't know if he really wants to let me have it or not. ☺

Having a wonderful time with it all, Pam. Love having the dogs here.


Love this festive birthday card, Yvonne - so nice to see Ollie and Sam helping with the celebration. :-))

Hope you are enjoying the virtual birthday cake, Ardy - it is quite delicious!
Happy Birthday Wishes to you! :-))


Oh Ardy, you are having such a wonderful day, lucky you, Ollie brought you a stick. Hope this year beings you lots of love and happiness. Cute card Yvonne. Hugs to you both.


Ollie brought me a stick even. Maybe he will let me throw it for him. Sam is with us always in our thoughts. Thank you Yvonne. This is lovely. The cake looks delicious. It's not good for dogs but virtual cake is OK for them too. It is truly a happy birthday. Hugs and love.

Thanks Lunie and JillianB for your lovely wishes.


Wishing you a very happy birthday and may it be followed by a year of continuing to be blessed and being a blessing. Jill


Happy Birthday Ardy, happy birthday Ardy, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday Ardy!

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