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Heir of Araldon (Ex. Large)

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©2019 Kyrin
This is a photo I took of a mother and baby dragon figurine that I had painted, and gifted to my lovely young relative, Kieran, in the UK.
The baby in this pic is the offspring of Araldon, from the pic, "Araldon's Wisp"

I confirm that I made this digital art creation. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission from me. If you wish to use this image, you MUST include my name and link to the website provided (see Image Copyright link).

This puzzle can also be searched under HeirofAraldon & Heir_of_Araldon

Tip: open the Image Copyright link in a new tab to see the full-size picture if you want a guide while playing this puzzle.
Available sizes: 15, 63, 112, 252 & 405


  1. Toku_Floyd1:21:31
  2. rimillia1:45:13
  3. vycshere1:49:23
  4. franknkathi2:08:15
  5. SCazee2:45:36
  6. pepelu2:58:57


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Hee hee ...I totally get that 'personal touch' joke, it's a beauty ;-)

Thank you for the genuine compliment, too xo


I like that.
A nicely framed shot and a glorious Dragon and her Baby.

Cool one Christine, a nice work of art and the personal touch peeps through.

Thank you for sharing.


And this one @Toku_Floyd is the most up-to-date of my own-created, recently-made puzzles. I hope you like her :)


Oh that's excellent Sarah! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you :-D


Another wonderful puzzle Kyrin, beautiful dragon, great colors, and clarity and I was able to finish it fast (for me). Thank you!


And for you lovely people, a new baby comes into their world...
@Fruttel1 @janclaire57 @LaurelRJones @Lipizzan @sbwilner @SCazee @TIME4ME