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Yellow Bird with Red Face

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  1. fietspIRaat3:27
  2. Kate1093:28
  3. silke3:45
  4. Wen683:50
  5. Zuma4:01
  6. week4:04
  7. lpuchi4:20
  8. Mylittlepony4:33
  9. BElenbogen4:33
  10. Malibugirl634:37


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Thank you for the information. It is truly beautiful.


Wiki link to the bird


@ekf1021 - According to Jerrys (see below) it is an Australian Star Finch. I've lived in northern Aussieland but never saw one, which does not mean they aren't there. It's a very big country.


Very beautiful. I wonder what part of the world you find these birds. Anyone know the name of this bird?


Thanks, @jerrys. I didn't know about that short cut.


jerrys, Thank you for the info. I'll try your tip the next time I have an unidentified animal. Michael.


@CodyRaven @Mariposamia My pleasure.

I you want to try identifying an image, right click the lower right corner of it and select Search Google for Image listing from the drop-down box. Not always a positive result, but the accurate ones outnumber them. Cheers!


Thanks for the info, jerrys! Julie

Thanx, Jerrys!!


The star finch from northern Australia according to Google search. Most unusual.

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