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Built like a brick...

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Thanks to Bill_I_Am for pointing out The Huffington Post 'The Best 52 Images of 2015':

A girl poses with a man disguised as a wall in Shanghai, China, on April 10.

Photo by: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images
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  1. rhammond6:32
  2. marisela7:44
  3. Colb2348:05
  4. Bruceh9:06
  5. Bill_I_Am9:10
  6. patlander9:27
  7. nuferaelzzup9:42
  8. hyborianmike10:06
  9. dris65110:14
  10. Joytome10:32


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Maybe it should have - that would have been eclectic decor! Thanks!


Our outhouse didn't look like that. Nice puzz. :-)


Belated ~ you're well~com ~ •◡•
... I'm glad I could share a bit whilst I'm silently enjoying many of your wonderful puzzles :-)


Thanks Bill, Pat and sharing your thoughts. Somehow, I thought the title was only fitting as a bit of turnaround on the old euphemism. Definitiely a good puzzle you pointed us to, Vivre - thank you.


Thanks for telling us about the body paint puzzle, Vivre!


That was a fun one, Vivre. Thanks.


Love the title!


Increadible •◡•~ thank you for sharing

and you might want to enjoy reviewing this one too:
• •


Great image, and it makes a fun puzzle, Andy. I'm glad you were able to snag it! Oh, and great title, too. :-)


She looks so tiny in comparison. Thanks for the interesting link.

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