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more beading

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a new chain of iridescent beads. loving this! I think it looks perfect with this peacock ore pendant. ;-]
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Bunny, Thank You! This is one of my favorites!

This is a really pretty chain & pendant. Thank you for sharing. BunnyLeigh


Lunie, thank you! Looks like you've been having a wonderful time traveling! way cool!


i really salute your creativity Carole, this again is another fantastic creation!

Well well...i was back and it was a grand time with family.


ah, that is the same piece with a new it.....the chain is wonderful too!!!


Lunie posted a puzzle....


This is a truly lovely piece, Carole! Your work is looking more and more mature. (Was going to say "polished" but that would have been too bad a pun.) ♥☺♥
Thanks, megabelle, for the news on Lunie--I'd been concerned because we hadn't heard from or about her for quite a while.


mega, thank you! this is the peacock ore I did long ago..I simply put it on this chain because I thought it would look fabulous! Yes, I received your email telling me she returned and is well. Wish I heard from her more...but as you see, I'm not good at correspondence!! ;-/ Glad she is home and well!

megabelle2000 that peacock did one long ago too!!! Did you hear, Lunie has returned and feeling well!!

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