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full fluffy strand of puffs

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Here is what a full strand of new puffs look like - this flew off the tree. Can someone please identify this tree for me? There is a heavily wooded area in a deep ravine with a brook nearby, and one or more trees is dispersing cottony puffs that are all over the lawn. Do you know what this tree is? I would really appreciate it! The cotton puffs fly all over. IThere are two other photos. Thank you for any help or suggestions about how to identify this species of tree!
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Very interesting, dieangie! I've had long conversations about when furniture became modern & comfy - to me, that's been left out of our cultural history; I can understand why refrigeration, air conditioning, and elevators are major historical markers, but when I think of old time furniture... well, I'm thankful to the people who made modern mattresses and upholstered chairs & sofas. Imagine reclining on a stone with a few pillows or furs - not for me! My furniture is better than a Roman Emperor's, an Egyptian Pharoah's, or even many Kings.

Queensland is so far away, and yes, I imagine you have exotic tropical plants. Thank you for identifying Queensland, Australia, as opposed to Queensland, Nova Scotia in Canada ;)


I wondered if you were northern hemisphere. I live in Queensland, Australia.

looks like seed of poplar tree; they seem to grow nearly everywhere. the fluffy stuff makes the seed go a bit further with the wind. was used to stuff matresses and so in times-gone-by


Wow, thank you all very much!

I never heard of Kapok before - I looked it up, and the puff balls on the strand look so similar to my tree or trees. But apparently Kapok is a tropical plant, and I live north of 40 degrees latitude.

Our Dogwood trees have pretty flowers right now, and aren't shedding puffballs.

I think this is a Cottonwood tree or trees! I looked them up, and their puffballs are similar. They grow in this climate, and they also grow along rivers.

So THANK YOU ALL, this was really making me very curious, and I appreciate having an answer.

Have a nice day EVERYONE!


Without seeing the bark I would say Cotton wood. Then it may also be Dogwood.

Looks like cottonwood to me.


Is this kapok? Would that plant grow in your area?

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