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Bondi Beach Friday afternoon

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Many people made the most of warm weather in Sydney yesterday, descending on the tourist hotspot Bondi Beach
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  1. wendylt4:43
  2. Wen684:55
  3. SporhundenSheila4:57
  4. muromar5:36
  5. Elseecope5:56
  6. angelas6:36
  7. salvo4186:59
  8. Naylor8:03
  9. dunner8:29
  10. Poddym128:32


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Yes to that deadeye. It would be wonderful if all the people were to use their common sense. Something that seems to have been lost during the affluent years of the 20's. Hope all goes well for you :)


I live on the coast of North Carolina, USA, and several of the beach communities have closed access to the beaches in hopes of avoiding situations such as this. If only people would just stay home for a couple of weeks :-)


And you. (❛ᴗ❛)

Thinking of you my friend. Hope all goes well. :)


That sounds like a wise decision. You're living up to your profile name! And I'm well. I'm not self-isolating, but am being more cautious with social contact. It's pretty much work=>home=>work=>home at the moment. And most people I work with are working from home, and for the rest of us still there, are maintaining our 1.5 metre gap between each other. I'm lucky that I drive to work (I wouldn't want to have to use public transport at the moment), and I pretty much stay in the building all day - no more take away lunches or lunch-time shopping for me! Hopefully that's as restricted as my social distancing has to get. But somehow, I suspect that it will! Stay well, owl. (❛ᴗ❛)

Thanks for asking. I'm self isolating as I'm old and in the high risk bracket. :) Hope you are keeping well. One benefit of this virus is that there are a lot more jigsaws coming on jigidi. :)


Woah! No social distancing happening there! (❛ᴗ❛)

Hope you're well, owl. (❛ᴗ❛)

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