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Maui 7 am DST why is it light out?
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  1. Ianto1:12
  2. misty20131:19
  3. MoreJunk1:25
  4. Mischka1:30
  5. hadzi1:33
  6. shawnlimy1:36
  7. ajandfran1:39
  8. Violalin1:41
  9. Trapper1:44
  10. svenja07061:48


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Nice pose, Maui!
At 4 am MST today our cats woke up my partner to feed them. He usually feeds them at 5 am MDT, even after recent retirement so he no longer begins work at 6 am. I'll happily stay asleep.


could be. she finally fell asleep next to me, after treats - they make everything better. she's finally up and prowling around after nudging more treats from me. (10:30am)


Are you sure it's not, "Can I go back to bed now, Mom?"


thank you. Maui had her breakfast,then came and sit at the window looking out, then looking at me as if i could make it dark. finally, she sat next to me staring at me; i had to get her expression,as if to say "fix it,mommy".


Cute Kitty... : )


Just wait til later, Honey, when it's dark at noon.


"You woke me up just to read the clock to me? I'll scratch you later, after I finish my nap."


@KittyCounselor @Mischka

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17 March 2019 - 21 September 2017
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