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Radio broadcasting tower, Moscow

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Architect: Vladimir Shukhov
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Just an added comment, this tower in Moscow reminds me of the radio stations (XERB, XERF), & others that had their radio transmitters, positioned over the border in Mexico & their studios in Del Rio Texas, right across the river, back in the1930's thru 1980's). Of course the maximum transmitting power in the US is 50'000 watts, where those transmitters were as high as 500,000 watts of power. They could be picked up all over the US & most of Canada. They claim that those stations brought country & western music to the fore-front. An agreement between the US & Mexico has dis-allowed this practice today. Many of us enjoyed there music at night when most of the other stations shut down or cut their power back to local only, & living through-out the Northwest & Midwest & Canada, it was a welcomed relief from boredom.

I don't know if this is the transmitter tower for "Radio Moscow", which I have picked up their broadcasts from all corners of Europe, Asia, Africa, & N. America, They would broadcast on the short wave 31 meter band in English, 2 or 3 hours a day. Kind of interesting back in the "Cold War" days. I carried a portable Zenith,"Trans- Oceanic", 7 band radio with me through out most of my military career, & it proved to be an excellent receiver. Just reminiscing.

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