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From Willow to Foxy

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Our new kitchen with Willow trying out the counter top.
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  1. jls262:25
  2. dnanz2:43
  3. Impie2:52
  4. Lynetteoz3:03
  5. linda20123:03
  6. racoonstar3:05
  7. chelsey153:26
  8. jennco3:27
  9. ab13243:31
  10. crow3:37


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Thank-you Chelsey :-)


I just saw this puzzle and I had to do it. Your kitchen is beautiful and so is Willow. Thank you, Lynnete.


Looks like a beautiful kitchen, Lynette, and Willow's colouring really fits right in - Foxy sends her love to Willow. :)


Love to hear how Willow's always tail swishing. Just like Goofie....he did also "answer" you with his tail by swishing!!! I didn't call him 'my sweet doggy' for nothing!!!!:-)))


Yes, Lynette, I must say we are happy here as everyone is so nice and friendly without wanting to live in your pocket. Also, everyone is very helpful. It is such a change from the previous village we lived in when we first arrived here from Perth five years ago. The onsite manager and his wife were the laziest couple you would ever meet and so treacherous it was hard to believe. In the end, following words between the wife and us, we decided that after only 3½ years we would be happier by moving on. Best decision we ever made. ♥♥♥


Yeah, I think they are called the same here, Impie. That's a cross we oldies have to bear but now being able to remove my butt from said toilet in a ladylike manner makes it easier to bear. It doesn't take much to make me happy. My wants are simple. ☺♦☻♣♥♠


Thanks Impie she does have a lovely tail and it’s aways swishing - never had a cat that uses her tail as often as Willow. Love my new Kitchen as before it was the original and used as a holiday let for twelve years - it was a little disgusting :-)


Not at all Pammi as I love hearing from you. Know the feeling about totally refreshing an apartment as we did the same. Sounds like you are quite happy where you are now :-)


LOL we call those toilets 'senior toilets'...although Patrick (44) being 1,95 m tall, got one placed in his home too when his home was renovated....he has a very good rental boss!☺☺


Hello beautiful Willow. I think of you often and wonder how you are going. Now I see you are still that same pretty girl as before. Love your new kitchen, Lynette. It's exciting renewing your kitchen and getting it exactly like you want it to be. That was one of the first things we changed when we moved in here. The kitchen was all mustard yellow (yuck) and so we settled for all white . From there we have repainted and replaced just about everything. The last thing we finally had done last week was to replace the two toilets. They were pretty grungy. Now it is a delight to place your rear end on one of the new ones we got that is a couple of inches higher than the regular height and we now don't have a struggle to get up from it. Hope you don't mind my sharing "lavatory humour" with you. Ha! Ha! ☺☺☺


Oh my, Lynetteoz, what a beautiful kitchen!!! I bet, after inspection, Willow did give you the thumbs up!!! She's cute and I love how she holds her beautiful's like she's imaging the kitty (magnet?) on your fridge....:-))

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