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  1. tuma55527:07
  2. messerschmidt1228:23
  3. gyda33:48
  4. jaker34:40
  5. mojoles39:13
  6. poopmover48:36
  7. sarah049:30
  8. lillauren50:58
  9. bkoros51:41
  10. Saxman11:00:53


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Sarah, The artist is Keita Morimoto, the proper title for this painting is "Fall".
According to a site called Creative Artists his bio reads as....

Keita Morimoto is an artist, born and raised in Osaka, Japan. He moved to Canada in 2006, currently working in Toronto. He is a simple man who enjoys Summer and of course art. Keita was kind enough to lend me a few moments of his time so I could pick the brain of yet another artist from Canada. We talk about formal education, art, films, and cultural ideology! Read below for the full interview…

I notice a lot of the subjects of your paintings have a somber look, almost a calmness about them, that washes over their faces. Why not draw angry, happy, or excited? What type of feeling are you trying to evoke from your audience?

Keita: I’ve always preferred ambiguous expressions which I personally more attractive as well as mysterious. I also find strong expressions to be too distracting for the viewer to navigate through the whole image. Mostly, I create images as an attempt for myself or any viewer to have certain emotional experiences, disturbance, uneasiness, confusion and etc. I like images that challenge me visually and emotionally.

Have you ever participated in a live figure drawing session? Do you feel it would be more challenging painting real life rather then from your mind or reference photos?

Keita: I have taken figurative drawing and painting classes and agree that it is more challenging but also beneficial. I make as many studies as possible from life so I can create better forms and flesh even when I’m painting from imagination or photographs. In my junior year of school, I used to think that painting from life is more difficult. But now, I find it so much easier to achieve a real sense of color, dimension and space.


Such a beautiful color scheme! Who's the artist?

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