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Last week I was sitting on my back porch one day, and suddenly realized my suet feeder was gone! I wandered around systematically, and eventually found it, still intact, about 80' toward the back of the lot.

It was clearly not the work of red squirrels; they're too small. It could have been a gray squirrel, but I hadn't seen any (I subsequently saw one running across the back of the lot). I was afraid that wasn't the answer, though.

I put up another block of suet and rehung the feeder, and it was fine for a few days, then gone again one morning - this time it was about 20' away on the ground, open, and the suet was gone. Sigh - raccoons!

I tried one more time, putting a suet cake in. It was fine at 10 that night, but the next morning this is what I found. I didn't refill it, but this morning it was on the ground - the racoon had clearly been back.

Grey squirrels are difficult, but manageable; raccoons are a different story. They're formidable opponents, undeterred by squirrel guards:

So I have a quandary. The suet was regularly visited by my Red-Breasted Nuthatches, and I've also seen White-Breasted Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker, Chickadees, and, surprisingly, Chipping Sparrows at the feeder. But there's no point in refilling it just for a raccoon to walk off with the whole cake every night, and no obvious way to hang the feeder where it's racoon-proof.
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My temporary fix turns out to be obvious in retrospect. I go out on the back porch first thing in the morning, and repeatedly through the day and evening. So I stocked the suet feeder, and I'll take it down and bring it in every day after dark (if I remember), then put it out again on my first visit in the morning. Maybe the racoon - who comes during the night - will get the idea that it's not there any more.


Good luck, Don. Hope you win!!!!

You will figure it out.


I could wrap the post in barbed wire, but I intend to remove that post. It was for clotheslines, which I don't need and have removed, and the post is in the middle of my view and complicates mowing. But moving it to my feeder pole, where it has traditionally resided, is not going to deter racoons.

If there is a will, there is a way.

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