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Triplets And Singletons Swirl (Smaller)

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I'm so happy that the chocolate center was a tasty addition! LOL! Thanks, Wendy and Rosie!


Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Love the color combination in this swirly and the chocolate center is perfect. Can't go wrong with chocolate!


And I LOVE chocolate! Every year my husband gives me chocolate on Valentine's Day. He's not good for much, but for that, he's terrific. LOL


I'm so glad you no longer are worried about salmonella, Wendy. I would never do that to my friends! LOL!

Thanks, PJ and Jan--I'm rather fond of this one myself, so I'm very happy you like it, too! Even with the bright single colors, I think it's soothing...... :-)))


Pat - the color shades of the same color are so very effective! I very much like this version of the swift! It's so unusual to look at! I love it! Thanks so much!


Such a fun swirling puzzle, Pat. As Easter is approaching - your chocolate egg is so appropriate.


Edie and Pat, I feel a thousand times better now.

Edie, before I got your explanation, I was wondering what on earth Pat had done to the egg maybe she found it in a dresser drawer that hadn't been opened for a few years.


Thanks, Lela, Wendy, Edie, and Katie! I changed that center color a half dozen times before I settled on the shade I used. I needed something other than red, blue, orange, and green, which I had already used as the odd colors. I tried a pink and a purple, because they were the other colors of the triple sections, but they were too much like/too close to the inner fuchsia section, so I settled on brown. I prefer to think of it as chocolate, not discolored, as well! LOL!


I really like the contrast in between the coordinates Pat! You're SO creative!


It's a chocolate egg for Easter Wendy. Look delicious. Thanks Pat.


The colors are beautiful together, except that the egg yolk turned brown.


Yes.....very deeeeeeep!................


Thanks, Barb and Ardy--I tried to do something a little different from my 2 usual patterns of colors. I seem to make either associated shades in progression, or a random mix of multicolors. So this time I combined the two, by adding an unexpected color in between the shaded sections. I'm glad you enjoyed that! :-)))


Beautiful colors and great depth, Pat. I like the three and one pattern. Really neat. Thanks.


I love your triple and single colours today, Pat. Such a pretty swirl! :-)