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Music Room

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There's a story as to why the furniture sits so low to the floor. It was so the ladies could drape their skirts over the chairs when they sat down and still not show their ankles!!!!
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What a beautiful room. I love all that dark wood. The rug is beautiful too. I have a feeling that if I sat on one of those chairs I'd never be able to get up again lol!


Thanks Janet
Songbird, this is only part of the music room. There is more to the right and the piano there and is in the puzzle that I posted with the photo of Catherine Seipp.


If this is the music room...where's the piano?


Fabulous thanks Lyndee, beautiful rooms for us, but I'll just comment on one today as I'm not very well. hugs.


Every family have their stories! Thanks Cathy.


Wonderful picture and the ankle story is good too.
Thank you Lyndee. : ))


LOL Morris. Yes, most of the rooms did had a fan which I'm sure was for the tourist as there is no air conditioning in the mansion.
Funny Floyd!
LOL Brie. They would probably get kicked off of Jigidi if they did.
So true Lunie.....what a difference this world is now.


This time, it doesn't matter if women bare it all...what a transformation or shall we say, moral degradation.


Visible ankles!!?? A good job they didn't put a picture onto Jigidi!


Can't be too careful.


that room fan looks a bit to modern for the rest of the decor ...


The guide said there were diaries still at the mansion and one of the entries from one of the girls was "Emma showed her ankles today". LOL

Wouldn't show an ankle but had lots of kids so you know they weren't total prudes. :)


LOL Jerry! Thanks, got it changed!

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