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The Robin's Pincushion Fairy (mini)

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People come and look at me,
Asking who this rogue may be?
- Up to mischief, they suppose,
Perched upon the briar-rose.
I am nothing else at all
But a fuzzy-wuzzy ball,
Like a little bunch of flame;
I will tell you how I came:
First there came a naughty fly,
Pricked the rose, and made her cry;
Out I popped to see about it;
This is true, so do not doubt it!


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Glad you enjoyed them @pasta :)


These last four were really good. Thanks.☺☺


I've got a hectic few days ahead - there'll be no time for posting any jigsawas so that'll give you a bit more chance to catch up! Lol


Tring to keep up but failing badly. Thee Hee. back tomorrow. LOL!!!