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"Åsle Tå", a place for the poorest of the poor. See comment please!

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You are SO welcome David!! Thanks so very much dear friend!!


Thanks for showing this different slice of life, Hanne!


Oh there is, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!

At least I felt like that when we visited! Thanks so very much Jan!!


A very sobering puzzle, Hanne. Thank you for sharing this, too.


And there are still very many places with such poverty.
Thanks for the puzzle Hanne


We do, Varda, Sweden reminds me about it!! Thanks so very much!!


We often forget how fortunate we are.


Indeed it must have been - and the lice and the fleas and whatever sickness you may think about!! Horrible!! When I was a child about 12 I was helping bringing Christmas baskets to those who needed help and I never ever forget a single mother and 5-6 children in one room in an old school now used by those who had no better, with an electric bulb down from the ceiling, old matresses all over the floor, dirty linen, a table and some chairs. And the smell!! It was an overwhelming eye opener to me who came from SO fine conditions. Thanks so very much Ardy and Sandy!!


Very interesting Hanne. Thank you.


It's a wonder under those conditions that the children even lived to grow up. And those poor women. The mortality rate must have been high. Thanks for sharing.


If they were so lucky to own a couple of chicken or i.e. a goat or a sheep, they lived with them in the hut. Inside the very small huts were an open fireplace, a bed, a table and a chair. The families had many children and 10-12 and even more had to live in that small room. The worst is that these conditions didn't see and end until in the mid-fifties, when the communities became some bad consciousness about these people's possibilites of living and put and end to the old bad habits.