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River Rock Beads!

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178 solves
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I thought I'd post a more detailed and intricate puzzle today. Tomorrow's will be so much simpler and so much shinier!


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Thanks, Kirsten! Thank goodness you were up to the challenge! We all have to flex our puzzling muscles every so often, right? :-D)))))


Such interesting colours and texture, Jan. But wickedly hard. Naughty Jiggy! But I totally understand why you couldn't resist posting it. Thanks for the fun. :)))


Now I am speechless, Hanne. And, so very happy. Remember, YOU have encouraged me all along and deserve much of the credit! Thank you, dear friend!


Actually, Jan, I mean EVERY word, they are SO - what? - they just go deep into my soul!! I feel them!!


Hanne - you go too far with the compliments! I am humbled and amazed and am sitting here with a grin on my face. Thank you so much, my dear friend!


Your kaleidos are usually very high quality, but when you make them like these they surpass whatever!! They are SO rich, the beads are SO fabulous and makes so lovely patterns, and the way you make each kaleido fill out its square makes all of it a wonderful, magic whole!! The frame of the colour is SO well chosen!! Glorious, Jan, thanks so VERY much!!


Mariasha - That is so funny. Now, I can see them, too! Thanks you so much. The colors were a bit of a different palette and I like it, too.

BillieR - I am so glad you enjoyed it in the end! Thanks so much!

Katie - I worried a bit about the color repetition, but I liked them, so thought.....well, let's give it a go! Thank you!!

Barb - I am glad you enjoyed the results! Barb - We all seem to have similar themes at one time or another. Your puzzles are so very different from mine and they will be WONDERFUL puzzles. So post them, girl!!

Gail - Thank you so much. What a great compliment from the Queen of Textures!


Rivers may rock, but Jan rocks better!


I agree it was quite a challenge, Jan, but a lovely challenge with beautiful results. I'm chuckling to myself because yesterday I created a collage of beads (not posted yet). It's nowhere near as lovely and clear as yours so not sure if and when I'll post it. :-)


Beautiful kaleidos Jan! Quite a challenge with all the repeating colors and so much fun. Thanks!

I found it hard to work, but very worth it.

Loved the little triangular faces in the middle left one...but I really loved the colors of all of much fun, thank you Jan.


Thanks so much, Ardy! I'm glad!


Jan, These are wonderful. I had such a good time with these. Temporarily in 4th place on your board but 9:18 won't stay long as soon as the speedier ones get here. Thank you.