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This is Good Pasture Island Covered Bridge. It is located on the McKenzie River in the foothills east of Eugene, Oregon. I posted a puzzle of this bridge some time ago but it was taken with an older camera. I was hoping for a better photo when I got there this year on Labor Day. Unfortunately, there was a forest fire further up in the hills and as you can see, there was smoke in the air. The smoke got worse as were got closer to the fire.


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Yes, that is a "far piece to go" for a photo. :-))


dblay, would love to see your bridge but its about 3000 miles out of my way, Terry


What a BEAUTIFUL old covered bridge. I also love covered bridges. There are so many different kinds and colors and sizes. I actually live within 15 to 20 miles from an historic covered bridge and it is very beautiful. It is the Clarkson Covered Bridge in Cullman County, Alabama. It is a gorgeous place to make photos in the Fall. There is an old grist mill there and a small park. A few years ago, there was flooding in that area and it messed up the grounds around and under the bridge (the creek is small that goes under it) but it is probably repaired by now. I haven't been to check it out. Anyway, THANK YOU for sharing this one and, in spite of the smoke, it made a very beautiful photo. I hope the fires did not reach it.


Sharon, it was so bad this year here that it hurt tourist type businesses so hard that so went out of business. Also some residents are so tired of too straight summer of smoke they are moving out of the area. Terry



Despite the smoke in the air, this is a great photo of a beautiful scene. I have never seen a covered bridge, only pictures. This was such a horrible year for fires. Besides the destruction and loss of lives, the widespread smoke affects so many people, even far beyond the area of the fires themselves. I am thankful that this year in Arizona it hasn't been worse than it was.


Connie, I wasn't putting down my work but was just noting the "weather." Almost all the really good photos taken by photographers are shot in the first hour of daylight or in the last hour of it. When I travel and do my shooting, almost all of it is taken during poor lighting conditions. I choose to shoot then because if I didn't, I would have very few photos to post. Oh...that is a useuable bridge. Terry

There you go again, putting down your work. Your photos show us the world as it is, not as some folks wish it were. This is a gorgeous shot of one of my favorite subjects. Can one drive across this bridge, or is that a dumb question? Thanks for posting this. connie


nophotoshop, There are numerous covered bridges throughout Western Oregon. There are a couple of them within 25 miles of our home in Oregon's Applegate Valley. I found a nice one this spring between Toledo and Corvallis. I also found a new one for me this month about nine miles up the Yachats River on the Oregon Coast. I also learned this month that there are five covered bridges within several miles of Cottage Grove. I wanted to photograph a couple of them last week when I drove through that town but I stayed too long at a friend's place and it got dark before I got there. Some time ago I googled something like, "directions to covered bridges in Oregon" and got quit a list of them. Terry

The McKenzie is my absolute favorite river. You're so lucky to be living close to it...AND a covered bridge. I grew up in New England, but have lived on the west coast for most of my adult life. I'm always looking for covered bridges out here. Are there any others in your vicinity? I'll just put together your pictures and pretend I'm there.