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Wednesday's Dozen! (medium)

80 pieces
177 solves
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Apparently I am in a mood for variety, Hanne! Glad you enjoyed the "extras!"


This is indeed an interesting experience, Jan!! They are all so VERY special, but you have to get used to getting hold of them! Thanks so very much!!


Ardy - I thought - Why not have fun with 12! I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

Mariasha - I love that you enjoy the "offbeat" ones! Those are some of the most fun to make. Thank You!

Barb - I'm sure glad I included some blue ones! LOL! Glad you liked them!


That was fun, Jan, thanks. I'll pick 2 favourites today ... top row second from right and bottom row right. :-)

I loved this! It was truly fun! My fave is top right...thanks Jan.


Jan, what fun! The top left reminds me of yesterday's single puzzle. Looks like a variation of the same image. Love them all but am most attracted to the middle row second from left and top row second from right. Thank you.