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WEEKLY THEME: Staircases, Lighthouses, Windmills & Odd Buildings... ODD Buidlings....

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50 solves
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Now there's a deal I can't resist.... How ya fixed for bridges??? As an aside I did learn to drive in a '48 Studebaker... It tried to do me in twice... Once with a brake failure and once with smoke leaking up through the firewall... Taught me a lot about knowing your vehicle.... Glad you like the puzzle...

PS Free air is good, although there's not much inflation in Oz... Are you sure you're not to tired for that job..... :) :)


Thanks, Sally! Now you can see what keeps me busy most of the time. :>)

Come by and I'll fix you up with a real deal on wheels! Maybe one of those MGs or a Studebaker! I'll even put air in the tires-- free!


So funny, Sally. Loved it. Like the new avatar.


You have me laughing out loud! What a great take on the theme!!!


For anyone wishing to solve Sally's Avatar ( pastel painting) go to page 26 on Sally's profile. Well worth the solve.


Glad to see you back on Jigidi, but so sorry about Chrissie's ear. That's a miserable thing. Now I'm rushing off to work your avatar puzzle!


Thank you everyone... This was a fun puzzle to create... Tweaking the theme is good fun for me.... so glad you all enjoyed it....

Snooker and Muffin.... Shirley talked me into posted this last November, but for you two anything .... Well almost anything... No bungee jumping or Sky diving... And I'll take a pass on major felonies.... :) :)

How about posting your avatar as a puzzle so we can get a good look at it. Signed, muffin and snooker.


One in the camera still, another almost finished... Probably during tomorrow's class... Might post, might just email.... Thank you muchly for asking... The Avatar is my all time favorite so far.... :) :)


Love your Avatar Sally, Where are the latest editions to your lovely pastel work.! would love to see them. :) :)


Sorry to hear your adventure had to be posponed, pleased chrissie is all well now, there's always another day. Thanks Sally for this fun theme puzzle. :):)


Wonderful puzzle! Aching sorry news about Chrissie!! :(((((


Great theme. Wonderful puzzle. Thanks :)))


Very nice

Love the puzzle - even 2 lovebirds in the tree. Keep improving, Chrissie. :)


Sorry to hear that. Glad all is well and perhaps try again next month.
Cute puzzle. Thanks. (1:13)


Very cute use of theme! And, a fun puzzle, too! Thanks!!


Our big adventure has been postponed? Thelma had an ear infection, which was not conducive to flying?. All is well now? Hope you all behaved yourselves?.