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bury transport museum 27-03-2016 leyland atlantean pdr1 manchester transport 1972 01

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The A666 is hell at rush hour, at least Blackburn Road, Bolton is hell, I live just off it and avoid driving along it during the busy times.


Going to the A666, so you must have been going to hell!

Before anyone points it out the route number for that bus should be 524.
I had an interesting afternoon on that route driving a 2 woman operated Olympian, on the way back to Bolton from Bury it started snowing. It was settling well and all was fine until we got the road alongside Moses Gate Country Park, the road goes down a steep hill and then climbs back up to the A666.
No problem driving down the hill and then everything came to a stop vehicles just couldn't make it up the otherside. There was a line of traffic waiting at the top of the hill - a lorry was first in the line, obviously the driver wasn't risking it.
I waited until car drivers had finished pratting about trying to make it up the hill, when they gave up the attempt and slid back down to the bottom, I decided to give it a shot. The Olympian can be fully automatic but fortunately there was an option to hold it in a lower gear. I put the selector in 2nd, and set off. It was interesting going up the diagonally, front wheels were pointing up the hill but the bus was determined to do it sideways and taking up the full width of the road.
I managed to get the bus straight on reaching the top where the lorry driver, who was laughing his head off, gave me a round of applause!!!
I then got on the radio to control and advised the Inspector to divert any more 524 away from that area until the gritters had been out.
Happy days!!!


I was working a 2 man op Atlantean when we were jumped by an inspector, no probs, all in order. Well that's until the bus lost traction, general panic until it was realised that instead of handing my waybill board back to me he had placed it back by the windscreen as he would have done for a OMO bus. His sleeve had caught the gear selector and knocked it into neutral, ooops.

The bus is in the SELNEC livery which came after the amalgamation of the various corporation run bus services. SELNEC eventually became Greater Manchester Transport until things went to hell in a hand-basket with de-regulation 30+ years ago.
I have driven this bus in service quite a few times.
I don't think many of us actually cared for the orange and white colours but I believe the orange was chosen because none of the amalgamated local authority bus companies used that colour.

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