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2013-04-18 april storm #3

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Aren't the colors lovely? This is prettier than the reality of what is outside my window. The National Weather Service says Duluth could receive up to A FOOT OF SNOW! Forecasters say Duluth could set a new April record for snowfall. The record for the month is 31.6 inches set in 1950. Nearly 24 inches has already fallen this month. (Before what is coming down right now.)


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Good idea, Rochelle...thanks. The sun is shining today! We woke up to 6°, but now it has warmed up to 30°. Spring has to be right around the corner!


LadybugCindy, I wrote down your email so now if you remove your comment your email info will no longer be there.


I will LadybugCindy, over the weekend, but you had better send me your e-mail address. Not all info is for Jigidi.


Hi Rochelle, I am doing one of your puzzles right now, but needed a break! (Kitties posing) It keeps my mind off how I feel, which is partly what I like about counseling. I have been doing that for 10 years, have been a mentor for new counselors for 9, and have been Friday Day Leader for 8. The other counselors are not all tech savvy, so I also help a lot with computer issues. It is a great way for me to minister from my home.

I taught piano from 1991 until 2007, but I was not able to play much any more for the last several years of my teaching career. I got MS in 1997, and did not play in public any more after that, and as it got worse, it became more of a source of sadness for me than joy, so I gave up playing entirely. I did not have to play to teach, but it was getting harder and harder to handle, so I finally stopped that as well. I felt OK about quitting teaching, but losing my ability to play brought several years of grieving. I didn't even enjoy listening to music any more, but finally that joy returned.

I used to say that Beethoven was my favorite composer, but have realized that I have my favorites in different genres. Beethoven and Mozart are my favorite composers of sonatas, Clementi of sonatinas, and the Chopin nocturnes are divine! I also love piano worship music, but also praise music with vocals. Do you know who Don Moen is? He is a wonderful composer and worship leader, and he grew up right here in Two Harbors. My dad was a minister, and I enjoyed the music of Don and his sisters for many years in our church - before he became famous!

For most people with MS, it begins in the brain. The symptoms associated with it can be anything controlled by the brain...which is everything! That is why it varies so much from person to person, and even one person can have different symptoms with each exacerbation. MS is best explained with an analogy about an electrical cord. It has a coating, and if it gets worn away, a short can result. The nerves in the brain are coated with myelin, and in MS, the myelin gets eaten away due to the immune system going into overdrive, causing ?short-circuits? in whatever area of the body that nerve is supposed to be used to transmit messages. The myelin can restore itself if it is not attacked in the same place too soon or too severely, so remission is possible. I got very sick at first with every symptom in the book all at once, so more of it has been permanent. The right side of my body is most affected, and I have balance and coordination issues (I use a walker) and I have been writing with my left hand for several years. I also have what I call 'spells', which are episodes akin to an electrical shock/ burning sensation, lasting 1/2 to 2 hours. I have at least one spell a day, but that is way better than it used to be.

All-in-all, I consider myself fortunate. God has blessed me with a wonderful gem of a husband, my high school sweetheart. We have been married for almost 35 years, have two great kids (my baby just turned 30) and three wonderful grandchildren. Thanks to New Hope and the computer, I have friends all over the world! I met my best friend through MSWatch, an online site, so if we didn't both have MS, we never would have met. It is rather freaky how much we have in common, so we started a having over 200 items!! We are/were both piano teachers, Christians, our hubbies have the same name, as do our moms. We were 19 when we got married, meeting our future husbands when they were in casts from football injuries. The first time I visited her in CA we were standing at the baggage carousel, and she asked what my luggage looked like...she had the same set! She was the first to have grandchildren, but since the birth of my last one, I was ahead of her. She just told me this week that one of her sons is expecting, so now we will be tied again.

I have gone on and on...more than you ever wanted to know about me! I feel a little better now, so maybe I will go online with New Hope awhile. It is your turn to tell me more about yourself!


That's a lot of snow LadybugCindy! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling lousy today and hope you feel better.
For some reason I've never read your profile before. I read it last night for the first time and was so pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful person you are. I already knew you were wonderful, that's why I like to talk to you daily. I already knew you were a Christian, I could tell. I didn't know you volunteer for crisis intervention. That is awesome. I didn't know that you used to teach piano. I love piano, it's my favorite musical instrument and Mozart is my fav. I of course never learned to play piano (my family didn't have one), but I so envy people who can play. I can listen to it for hours. In school I never really grasped the art of reading music.
The last thing I learned about you was that you have MS. I looked it up on the internet because I'm not real familiar with the symptoms. It said that it's a disease that attacks the optic nerves, brain and spinal cord. Which of these exist with you? Were you born with MS or did you get it later?
Don't rush to write back, wait til you're feeling better. Keep warm and have a Blessed day!!


I am just now checking in here. Fridays tend to be busy for me because I am Day Leader for New Hope. I usually counsel at this time, but I am feeling really lousy and am not up to it right now. Maybe in a little while.

I have not been to AK, but my daughter has. She took some really great photos while she was there.

Two Harbors (where I live) received over 20" of snow from this system!! That was unexpected. Duluth (30 miles away) got about 16". I will have to check with 'joyfulli', who lives on the South Shore, to see how much snow they got. She is a Christian also, whom I met here on Jigidi.


LadybugCindy - where are you today (Friday)?


This does make a colorful puzzle. I was looking at your others, have you been to Alaska?