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Jan Vermeyen--Erzherzogin Katharina Renea, 1577

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Haha! :-))


Gayle, I quite like the night-shift, 'cause that means you have to pay me 'penalty rates'. :-)))


That sounds sad, night-shift Nev. Thanks for finding that fact.


Mike, only just. In 1599 she was about to be married when she suddenly died, aged 23.


let's hope this little tyke made it to adulthood. this in an age when only about 20 per cent of children lived to adulthood


I agree, Dusty; I'm glad we're not in the same shoes.

Thanks, Nev, for expressing my confusion that I was too lazy to dig further and express. I found myself saying, "screw it, leave it for the night shift." I knew you'd figure it out if anyone could. :-)


Sometimes it's not easy, being royalty! I do ache for this toddler!


From Pinterest:-
Portrait of Archduchess Catherine Renata of Austria, 1577.

I'm uncertain why this painting is accredited to Jan Vermeyen, as Wiki provides the following:-
Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen, or Jan Mayo, or Barbalonga (c. 1504 – 1559) was a Dutch Northern Renaissance painter.
If he died in 1559, how could this be?
Oddly enough I found another one of his portraits with the following note:
1577 Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen (c.1500-1559) Archduchess Maria Erna Christ (1574-1621) at the age of three years. (Very confusing.)
Thinking that perhaps his son painted both portraits, I did find that Jan Cornelisz Vermeyan's son's name was indeed Jan Vermeyan, but he was a goldsmith, and not an artist.

Thanks, Gayle. Sorry, but can't solve this one - too much conflicting evidence.


Bet you'd never get these kinds of insights in a university art class. We aim to round out your education.


Gayle, I really appreciate your explanations. They help fill in the gaps in my art education....


Haha, Gayle. You crack me up! I'll have to second Plum's conclusion.


Yeah, she's not going to get any food 'cause she'd get it all over her dress. That's why she's not alive now. :-)


Poor kid.