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Colors Meet

128 pieces
321 solves
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Thanks Chrissie for the encouragement!!!! I really am having a ball at trying all this new stuff!!!!


Wow! Thanks, Kathy. If I need an employment referee can I get them to call you LOL.

Line weaving (also called repeat pattern art) is quite addictive. You don't need much in the way of supplies. Paper and pen! Have a go, mate :-) There are hundreds of free patterns on the web. You already show your artistic talent - look at your use of colour and design for starters. So let your imagination go for a wander in line drawing. I look forward to seeing what you do!


Thanks Chrissie :-)))) I popped in at your place and I am blown away with what you do!!!!! Very very amazing talent and work!!!!! I must set aside some time and come over to play at your place. I had never heard of Zantangles and watched a couple of videos. Now I have another thing on my list to try out LOL LOL Again, your work is astonishing!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!


Good puzzle - like the glossy finish and bevelled edges, Kathy.