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Fiery Helix!

36 pieces
157 solves
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I've got every things solved but the framing. I will look and see the iPhoto app.........maybe - fingers crossed. So far all the framing apps are those that add those big wooden or other huge frames around the edges with no skinnifiying options! But, THANKS so much for continuing to help!! :DD

Oh - I'm glad you enjoy this little pulser!


Oooh! It pulses, Jan!! What a delight. Thanks so much. :)))

And I wondered if you have iphoto on your mac? I know Deborah (jawz) does some editing of her own puzzles using that, and maybe you could use it to resize and for other things? Just a thought...................


Francine - such a high compliments from such a talented puzzler as yourself. Thank you so very much!!


Francine - it is Image Tricks and works on the Mac only! I am so glad you enjoyed this one!! I have variations on this theme I will be posted later.


Ardy - Isn't it funny how some puzzles just call for solving them a certain way. It happens to me so much! Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you had fun!


Great, Jan. This one wanted to be solved from the inside out so I obliged it. Thanks for the fun.


Thanks, JC!


Nice one, Jan!