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....Happy Birthday Son

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Here he is.... blowing out SIX candles.....I can't imagine this was 35 years ago today!
Sorry I blabbed Liertje☺☺☺☺
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  1. liertje19780:56
  2. Dclo0:58
  3. KatieZn1:20
  4. cappy1:21
  5. JHZ1:25
  7. canoekaw1:35
  8. Impie1:35
  9. Lindoz1:48
  10. Phoenix511:48


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Thanks Rebecca, she sure did ☺


Belated birthday wishes - I'm sure your Mum made it special. :)


thanks Nancy and Wimsey ☺


Charming photo!! Wonderfully captured. Belated Happy Birthday, Liertje!! Hope you had a lovely day. With very best wishes and purrs, Nancy and Wimsey. :-D


Thank you all! ♥♥


Thank you all, for the birthday wishes ;))


What a gorgeous birthday photo of Liertje. Six years old and all the world at his little feet waiting for the rest of his life to unfold. I hope your lovely son has a very Happy Birthday, Impie even though the weather is not being very kind today. ☺☺☺☺☺


Impie, it's a lovely picture , and very special!!! just look at the relaxed pose of a this young child and the way he is bloowing at his birthday cake...U wush you many more happy [Birthdsy] days♥♥♥

p.s. [1] Soory for the delay, I saw this post just now
[2] As far as I could see, comparing pictures you have posted. liertje looks very much like you♥♥


This photo of your wonderful son brings back memories of my boys when they were young. I loved to make them a cake for their birthdays.


Thanks atsutsa, tisketsmum, GG, and lurdo for all your kind wishes. I've had a nice and quiet day with some friends visiting.

Lovely picture Mrs Impie and a wonderful sweet Boy, How adorable memories I sent Liertje a Happy Birthday message early this morning and I am going to do it again Happy Birthday Liertje.


Thank you for letting us share in the joy of your son's birthday, Impie! Happy Birthday, Liertje! I hope you've had a very special day. Keep those puzzles coming!!


Happy Birthday Liertje, I hope you've been having a restful but happy day.
I've enjoyed looking at all the new images you're posted, you have a real eye for photography.
Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Happy BIrthday, Liertje! What a sweet looking boy is in this picture.


Thanks very much EllaMB and luckybie, the weather is to hot to be active today, so a quiet birthday it is ☺


We crossed comments, Kayell....thank you!


Thank you, Ella and Bobbie. He's not aware yet I've posted this puzzle, but he will be soon! LOL


What a lovely little boy, Impie!

Happy Birthday, Liertje - beware of the heat from all today's candles!


Oh Impie, what an adorable child! Happy Birthday Liertje! May you have a wonderful day and many more to come. ☕


Ohhh, how sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liertje!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. May you be blessed in a most special way throughout the year!!

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