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Bright colours

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Janet that is a long way for you too Hugs♥♥♥


Dobra I am pleased you like the puzzle☺♥


Welcome and thank you Suzy☺♥


Thank you Jill, Jim plans on staying here forever☺♥☺


Yes such a lovely idea to have one for each grandchild. I'm sorry to hear most of them are so far away. We only have one and she's in America. Hugs ♥♥♥


I like it.


Lovely combination of plants to bring so much color!


Lovely conifer. Val so lovely to hear about your grandchildren/great grandchildren and such a cool idea celebrating with plants. One of the joys of living in one place for long time. Hugs to you.


Janet thank you, some of the grandkids bushes have grown a bit taller Hugs♥♥♥


What a pretty little conifer Val, I've never seen a cute little one like that. Thanks and hugs. ♥♥♥


Returner thank you, at certain times of the year the Nana Thuya turns quite gold on the very top. ☺♥


Thank you Jacki it was pretty, but now the Maple is totally bare ☺♥


Thank you Ardy, yes we have two little great grandchildren and horrors we have not planted anything for them, we had plenty of room when the grand children were arriving not so much now. We only have one grandson here in Dunedin now, as all the others are away as I told Maureen. If they ever visit again I will try to get photos, but usually it is Christmas Day and so much is going on Hugs♥♥


Maureen thank you, 4 of our grandchildren live in
Australia and one in the North Island of NZ and we have only one grandson aged 23 here Hugs♥♥♥


That's such a fresh green color -- I like that.


Perfect title for this one, Val. Such lovely shapes and colors! Thank you.


A lovely fall scene, Val. I agree with the others. It's a great way to celebrate each grandchild. Aren't there some younger grandchildren? Didn't you have a couple little ones visiting not so long ago? It would be fun now to have each grandchild with his/her tree. Thanks for sharing the view and the story. Hugs♥♥


It's so beautiful Val. I love it ! The gold behind it ,is also lovely.
What a wonderful way to celebrate each grandchild's birth.
Hugs ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you Chelsey we wanted something to remember the occasions☺♥


Sooo pretty! What a nice way to celebrate a birth of your grandchildren. Thank you, Val.


Thank you Pammi the white flowers are a Federation Daisy☺♥☺♥


These colours look so lovely together, Val. The little white flowers in the front just set the whole scene off. ♥☺♥☺


Lunie if you check my answer to Kay I described it there, thank you for visiting☺♥


Looks like cypress, what is it Val?


Hi Kay this is a dwarf conifer called Nana Thuya it is about 4 feet high, we have 6 of these that one is 27 years old, we bought one each time we had a new grand child, we have 6 now the youngest is 20 years old. The gold behind is a weeping Maple. All the best for your husband I have a few root canals done he will be fine☺♥


Is this a bush? It is hard to get the perspective, but whatever it is, I like it, Val. Sorry to hear of your tooth. Glad you could save the tooth. My husband goes in for a root canal Tuesday. I have heard they are the worse, but we have a great dentist, so I hope it goes smoothly for him. :-))