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It?s generally believed and agreed by historians (and food historians in particular) that almonds were one of the earliest cultivated foods by mankind. Almond Day celebrates this and all things almond, and rightly so, given their high vitamin E content, their effectiveness at reducing cholesterol levels and helping with weight loss!

There is an interesting article here:


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Oh thanks Jan - I think more people told me they prefer this style, which is very helpful. :~)


I prefer this one! Thanks so much, Mandy!!


or made it 4 pounds of almonds instead of 3!


Yes, or maybe I should have cut the sugar to 3 pounds instead of 4.


LOL - Goodness Wendy, you'd better get your scales checked...


Thanks PJ, if we all ate everything that we should every day we'd have no time for Jigidi!! I'm pleased you enjoyed the puzzle :~)


whatnauts, we must have been typing at the same time, thanks for the feedback, and it's good to hear you are already an almond convert :~)


Mandy, there must be something wrong with my scale. I just ate 3 pounds of almonds mixed with 4 pounds of sugar for lunch and the scale says I gained some weight.


Thank you Mandy, wonderful and great - info and puzzle composition. I knew about the health benefits but not that it should be a daily thing - so I better rethink daily input :-)))


Thanks Katie, I'm so with you on adding dried fruits to them - and coconut!


Yum-yum. I love almonds and eat 20 raw almonds every day. I buy them at the local bulk store when they go on sale. I've never heard before that they help with weight loss - I'll have to look into that.

With regard to kaleido or montage puzzles, I much prefer this type of 'Who Knew' puzzles with real pics.


Another great food day Mandy! I like all kinds of nuts and so many have great health benefits. They're also wonderful mixed with a variety of dried fruits. Thanks!


I'm happy to hear that Pat - enjoy your almonds :~)


Thanks Wendy, I'm pleased you liked the images and frame.
Keep trying the sugared almond mix and let me know if your weight changes... you might be onto something!! LOL!


Love this one and will celebrate today.... thanks Mandy


Mandy, and then referring back to the other puzzle, I think you did a wonderful job of selecting the images for each square here. Plus, the colored frame works perfectly with this one.

On another note, almonds probably are good for helping with weight loss. I hope so, because about a month ago there were zero treats in the house, so I took some almonds, ran them through a blender, added sugar, and voila! I had a tasty treat. Now that I know almonds can help with weight loss, I'm going to have to assume that the sugar didn't interfere with that weight loss.


That would be nice but I just got a new 27" iMac last month, which is why I joined Jigidi, and it's in my office. I've tried doing them on an old lap top but the touch pad is so slow my times are double of what they normally are and it's not the same on a small screen. Gail informed me that when you redo puzzles it does not show up on your profile. Good thing. People would think I do nothing else. My cats are starting to rebel, I used to be in the family room with four fighting for lap space, here I shoo them out because they are always walking on my keyboard or covering the screen. Juggle, juggle, toil and trouble.....


Thanks Ardy, I've heard that walnuts are excellent too... particularly for brain health. I love all nuts... except peanuts... I'm so glad you're enjoying the information :~)


Thanks Edie - I'm rouring with laughter!!! I've learnt to combine the 2!! I play the shows I want to see in the background, so I listen while I solve... it doesn't work well when making and replying to comments though... pick bigger puzzles for longer shows!!!


Thanks, Mandy. I usually have walnuts which according to Dr, Oz and others are also supposed to be good. Guess I'll pick up some almonds as well. Such delightful information here in both picture and words.


I probably watch to much Dr. Oz but he recommends a handful a day to everyone, whether you are trying to loose weight or not. I have about 30 shows taped that I need to catch up on. Let's see, that just about coincides with the time I joined Jigidi, mmmmm.....


Thanks Magda, I hadn't heard that about mixing them with water, I do know that almond butter is supposed to be very healthy. I think growing them would help you get wealthy, I'm not sure that eating them in any form can do that... but I'm all for trying!! :~)


Barb, when you read the article you will see they suggest a handful per day... and that's about 28 - I hadn't realised it was that many - and I've never believed that all calories are made equal!


Thanks broadway, how funny that I posted this to let you know about Almond Day, just after you picked yours! Ohhhh, I'm drooling at the though of 5 buckets full... even with shells!


thank you Mandy, for another educative puzzle.
I know in the Indian subcontinent, they pound almonds with a bit of water. Drinking that first time in the morning is supposed to keep you healthy,wealthy and maybe wise as well.


Thanks for a wonderful collage of almonds, Mandy. Think I better go out and buy some since they are so healthy for us, although I do believe they are rather high in calories. Thanks for the link to the article which I will read shortly. :-)

Thanks for sharing. I was not aware of almond day, even though I have 8 trees in my garden. We have just picked ours, about 5 buckets full, shells on! I roast mine lightly!