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Collage 3 x 3

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81 pieces
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Glad you like them all. Thanks, Barbara :)


These are beautiful thank you.


MomCat, it IS your business because TPTB (The Power That Be) the Jigidi's owners are making new rules that every person will only be allowed one profile from which they can post. My main profile is SunnyBarb25 on which I post the small size puzzles. That's a profile I will keep. I'm not sure yet how or what sizes I will post on it.


If it's any of my business, what it TPTB? Is it going to change jigidi? I'd be sad to lose your puzzles!

Sorry about your mouth!


Ardy, I'm on this profile because I just finished a 16 kals collage to be posted as soon as the slot will open. I agree with you completely.
PS. I did survive the dentist but cut inside my lower lip in two places. I was hungry and so I tried to eat before the anesthetic left my face......and I really was very careful....LOL


Looks like you survived the dentist, Barb. The new rules will make changes for many of us on how we post. Too bad some people had to abuse the freedom we had on Jigidi. :-( Hugs.


I agree that nine faves is simple and I love that simple, Ardy....LOL Thank you very much for a solve. It is possible that this puzzle is one of the last ones I will be able to post here because of the new rules of TPTB....that is sad. Hugs.


Barb, I started to name favorites but decided to make it simple - there are nine favorites here. Thanks. Lovely collage. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday. Hugs.


Thank you mariasha, it is a nice one. Nice to meet you :)

Oooh...really love the one in the middle...thanks.


Thank you for your comment, jenalou. Nice to meet you :)


Fun Puzzle!