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From the island Sotra, Norway.

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Sotra is a long island west of Bergen in the Atlantic Ocean. It's sheltered by more islands before the ocean becomes "real". This is a very cosy small fisher village wisely built out of reach of the worst storms!


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You are so welcome Jo, thanks so very much!!

Indeed - the older generations knew where to put their houses. Now they are built on top of the mountains with wind and weather from all sides all the time. It's so funny to see actually!! Thanks so very much David!!


This is so ideal. The way the little village is sheltering behind the hill, very good to keep out the worst of the wind and weather. Thanks for showing us, Hanne and Bent!


Beautiful scene!! Thankyou for showing us!! :) :)


And lots of air coming in from the ocean!! Ank, it was rather rough but with a very special beauty!! Thanks so very much!!


This looks unreal beautiful. A very fine view. Love it.


Yes, indeed!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!




I admit it looks absolutely isolated, but it isn't at all!! They have all modern facilities and from the village it might take a small half hour to go to Bergen where you can have whatever. There are some shops on the island but they are farther north, where it takes more time to go to the big town. But most Norwegians and Swedes are used to drive far because a lot of them want to live in places like this. Lots of houses are being built everywhere, just mention a small mountain top or a rocky plateau and hundreds of houses are built there before you count to one. Sometimes it's depressing that they build without paying any respect to nature. The people who made this small town did, but nowaday people don't. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


So many questions come to mind. It is very picturesque but how do they survive. The houses like well built but do they have electricity and other utilities? Are the children born there willing to stay all their lives? An interesting place to visit but I don't think I would be happy living like that. Thanks, Hanne. I like how to go to areas that most tourists would not ever see and then share them.