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And Pretty Maids All in a Row........... :)) III

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Thanks, I've had a quick look back and I'm okay with what's posted here.


I'm sure it does looking at the photos. :))

Thanks for telling me a bit about your home. If you don't feel happy with the personal comments here feel free to close them, I have loved to read them, but I understand that Jigidi is an open site and nothing is private. :))


I think it must be a case of 'the grass always looks greener'. There are so many jokes about the land being so flat around here that a person can see all across Manitoba, into Saskatchewan and part way through Alberta!! I grew up in Winnipeg, left in my early 20's and then moved back 25 years later, so I knew what I was in for. My preference would probably be Alberta, but this is where most of the family is and Manitoba does have other offerings.


I also like mountains, but flat spaces like the extension around Winnipeg are quite awe-inspriring for me, I have grown in a hilly landscape north of the Alps very near to the Black Forrest in Germany and when I visit places where there are no limits to the horizon, I always get very impressed. You sure live in a wonderful place and I think you could adapt quite easily. The most difficult place for me to live would be the desert, as I like green and water, but I suppose living in the desert you just get to appreciate it more and enjoy what you have. If you are surrounded by nice people it doesn't really matter where you live. :))
Calgary and the Rockies sounds wonderful to me, moving to Winnipeg must have been a very big change, except for the snow and cold. :))
Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me. I always love to learn about other places and ways of living. Even when I was a small girl who hardly could read I loved to pour over maps and atlases to see where the things I was reading about where happening and now it is wonderful to be able to actually talk to somebody who lives at the places you have been dreaming about. :))


Thanks for your interest. Winnipeg seems like an unlikely place to want to live (at least to some), but it's all what you make of it. The northern lights are spectacular, but you have to be outside the city lights in order to view them. I'm not close to a river for floods to affect me, but the Red River floods nearly every year, at least to some extent. Winnipeg usually isn't hit too badly, but then we have the Red River floodway to help out. Of course, folks who live in other areas aren't so lucky. I lived in Calgary, Alberta for 25 years and it was a wonderful place to live, especially because it was so close to the mountains.


After reading your comment I went right into Google to learn more, I would have put you further north and more to the west, I had read something about Alberta some years ago when an acquaintance went to live there in winter, I know something about the Great Lakes and a bit more about British Columbia, as it is one of the places I would love to visit if I ever managed to have enough money to do so LOL, but I didn't know very much about Central Canada before reading, now I have to add another item ot my possible travel destinies :)). I love learning new things about places all over the world and it is much more fun to do so when you actually know somebody who lives there. You live in a fascinating place, Whatnauts. I suppose that the severe winters are a drawback, but you don't seem very worried about them, meaning that you are used to them. I have seen some pictures of the city in autumn, which are marvellous and some of the beaches of Lake Winnipeg that were amazing, so where the photos of the Red River flooding in St. Jean Babtiste, I hope you live in a high area. :)) I suppose the Northern Lights - another point on my list of things to experience before getting too old for them LOL - are common place for you. Thanks for letting me know about your home and I'll be reading more about it. :))


I'm in central Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we are going through a cold streak. Our winters usually have a few of these each season. Our normal high for this time of year is around -14C. The -30 temperature was without windchill. Taking windchill into account, it's been closer to -35 to -40 for the last several days. Luckily we are in for a reprieve soon with a few warmer days and then back to the deep freeze at the end of next week. Oh well, January is usually the coldest, so perhaps February won't be too bad.

I'm doing my best to stay warm. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.


Hi Whatnauts, this is only a small part of the variety that I have and had in my garden, as with puzzles I like variety with my flowers, although there are always some special ones that flower every year. :))
Where on earth, or better the northern hemisphere do you live to get these temperatures. I think you told me once but my memory insn't what it was anymore. LOL Here people think it is cold and we have two or four degrees Celsius still, although in the mountains -where my garden is - we also can get sometimes -15 C. :))
I hope you keep warm and have a wonderful weekend. :))


My goodness, you have a lot of different flowers in your garden. Thanks for sharing - it's nice to see bright, cheery flowers in the dead of winter when it's -30C!!! (21:23)


I understand that you can't solve many big puzzles, Jan, but knowing that you used to do the big cardboard ones I wondered, why you never tried solving the bigger ones here. At least for me doing a bigger size is much more pleasant than the small ones where it takes me more time to write the comments than to solve the puzzle. :))) It's wonderful that you liked the design, I wasn't very sure about it when I made it yesterday night, but it got much more solves and attention as I expected from the rather dull thumbnail. :)) The best thing about the puzzle is that all these flowers once grew in my garden, even though not in rows LOL.
My afternoon was as usual and now towards the end of the week I'm even too tired to solve puzzles, your pirates will have to wait a little longer to battle with me LOL.


I did it! I did it! I solved an almost-200 piece puzzle of yours! AND, I had a great time doing it. I love to solve verticals and this one was irresistible! Just a fabulous puzzle. Thanks so much, Dagmar. (It took me 26:27 minutes)
Hope you are having a wonderful afternoon! Thanks again!! :)))))