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Run Babies-Run!! Cameraman is in the Window!!

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I took this three days ago-the parents are, of course, hyperalert and there is no way to get close, yet. I literally opened an upstairs window in my house(about 150 feet from the pond) and they were already turned and running the babies to the water. Today the babies have almost doubled in size already. Soon I'll be able to get close and I'll monitor their "growing up" on here for your pleasure.


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We have them on the local golf course. Only 3 or 4 per brood. For some unknown reason, I am just now realizing that both parents stay with them after they're hatched.


They can rear those big wings up and chase, alright, Richard. I don't bother thm to much at this stage.

I'm gonna try, Laura, Suzy. Maybe I'll even name them-you know: sweet ones-______rasty ones-___

There are two pairs on the pond this year and both of them have six babies at this point, Aggie.

They are as cute and innocent as can be at this point, Patti. Thanks

There are turtles and at least one of them is a huge snapper, Sandy. Plus fox, racoons, ect.


I hope there aren't any big turtles in that pond.


Awww, precious goslings! Thank you Warbler!


The jigidi family will be watching them grow!


Cure little fuzzballs. It would be great fun to see the babies grow, warbler!


Mom and dad may come at you if you get too close David so be on guard.