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Write a Caption! many men

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Sculpture - THAT is very funny! LOL


are they not watching a football match and have a better view from up there?


Thanks Nellies, I had completely missed that line of people!


What I do know about the photo is that it was taken in Russia. I do believe that the men are possibly making a political statement of some sort.


chickiemama, you just blew my mind. I thought that they were a distant treeline.


I just opened it up again to look at it and can't believe I missed all the people in the background. I thought it was a fence. Geesh.


I just have to remark that at least one of you has seen the movie, "Short Circuit!" ROFLMBO

You folks are so funny today that I can't think of an adjective to use! WOW!! :D))))

The Census Takers ascended the trees so as to make an accurate head count of the idiots that would stand in the cold to watch them.

fodus, I like that one, but the rest have me sitting alone laughing like a lunatic?
Thanks Jiggy for finding that one and sharing it. That will be hard to top.


I didn't know that men grew on trees!


Wandering lost for weeks; Josephine stepped into the clearing into what could only be the legendary Opposite Land, where the woods sported men.


The sap doesn't run at this time of climbs!


And the hits just keep on coming! ROFL!!


LOL Rebecca! (beer nuts)


On the morning after the season's first snowstorm, Betty looked out her window to see that the men were gathering to fly south for the winter. Although their songs were not particularly pleasing to her ear, she scattered some beer nuts in her yard to help them on their way.


After an unexpected Good Friday blizzard, the fathers organizing the Easter egg hunt had to improvise the hiding places........


Ok folks , Were at the W,C,B climb a tree charity event. The last person to stay in the tree gets a 10 inch black & white Television, some people call em Last year the runner up ran out of smokes and had to finally come down. I think I heard some one say that he a carton this year. Well good luck to all of them were going to a commercial now so we can have a butt our selves.


I can't stand it! I was snorting, guffawing and blowing coffee all over the screen. You are HILARIOUSly funny today!!!

The Least Successful Band of Bandits.


In their first lesson in camouflage it was obvious to their tutor that the course was not going to be plain sailing.


On the Outdoorsman's annual hike, there is always a wiseguy who yells BEARRRR!!!!!


When they are ripe, they will fall.


The Maine Mountaineering Men take their love of Mother Nature to new heights in a group tree hug.


This is the only way we could tell our geneaology at my family reunion.


The annual meeting of the Men Who Love Nature But Are Terrified Of Mice will now come to order.


Giggling madly! LOL


Can ya hear me now?


Trying to find the new year.