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Není to vase kocka

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Hello, isn't that your cat?


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Nevím Marunko, ale líbí se mi to :-))

Vtipny obrazek, kam asi ten myval nese to kote:-)


thanks Nancys, I think the bear raccoon can't talking, so it didn't happen, but it would be nice :-)))


Angel, Kronoshek may be Bohemia, or Polish, I don't know, it's too long, but the world is really small and kind people in some way meet or find, I'm looking for pictures on the Internet and when I like it, I'll do a jigsaw puzzle and then has more people happy
1900 was the Austro-Hungarian Empire, after a 1. World War I 1918 Austro-end and separate States Austria, Bohemia, Hungary and other States.

Jana, That is hysterical! Where did you find it?
I just put up some new puzzles for you. My Grandfather's last name was Kronoshek. Isn't that Czech?
My Grandmother said she was from Austria, but the borders changed so much between 1900 and now, it is hard to know what was Austria and when. :-) Small world, isn't it?


Really?? Did this really happen??