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For my American friends freezing their nose hairs, here is the prognosis for Monday morning.

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"Departures from average temperature (in degrees Celsius) predicted by the 12Z Thursday run of the GFS model for 7 am CST Monday morning, February 4, 2019. Readings are predicted to be 12 to 18°C (22 to 32°F) above average on Monday morning across most of the Mississippi Valley, while temperatures could be 12°C (22°F) below average over the northern High Plains of Montana and the western Dakotas."

You will note - that is, you WILL, I will 'direct' your notice - even if I have to grab you by the nose hairs - MY home will be in the area that is 12°C BELOW normal.

So I will have to suffer through a painful -12°C (10°F) for a couple hours overnight.

I have lived and worked and flown jet engines in -40° (which is exactly the same temperature, in Celsius and Fahrenheit) and that is the temperature where your nose hairs freeze so brittle they break and fall off.

Seriously I hope my US friends are doing OK in the deep freeze.


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I can kind of see it. You do have a great 'think outside the box' imagination. Have you seen the Param and Firestarter puzzles. Rorschach on steroids, but a lot of fun. Nice to meet you, chanelle.


@redina1 I'll do my best lol! Okay, so the head I guess would be California, front legs in Mexico, Nebraska is the arch of it's back, South Florida would be one of the hind legs and the tail is the light pink area in Canada.


I don't see it. You have a wonderful imagination. Please describe it.


Does anyone else kinda see a horse in the picture?


I'm in central sunny Florida and our cold is in the 40's at night. I can't imagine the cold so many of out jigidiers live in. Interesting puzzle. Thanks, Mazy. :)


No, not that much! But we do have some great hiking trails. I carry my snow shoes on every ski vacation. I love getting out on the pristine trails in the woods while my husband and our friends downhill. And thanks for the welcome! Many of my puzzles are my own, some from the internet. I also have Weatherly account, where so far I've mostly posted model portfolio images from some I've done.


...and I see you are new to Jigidi, @n2horses97 , welcome! You seem to like to post the same sort of eclectic mix of puzzles that I do.

And the same sort of love of getting out into nature that I do - though I guess there's not so much good backcountry skiing in FL LOL!


They likely did!!


Ha!! We live in Florida, but my husband works in Jamestown, NY. He was there all last week and came home swearing that his nose hairs froze!


you guys have been BRR! but it's all set to change!


Wisconsin is pink. Pink is punk.


Well, that makes two of us... look up my phytoplankton puzzles for example :)


I’m a bit of a science freak. But I also like the pretty colors. ;-)


Who wouldn't throw open their doors for Samwise Gamgee! I'm glad you like it, Juba, I liked the colours and of course the science too.

Purple is OK for a few days a time. I don't mind a week's worth of icicles and squeaky snow. Keeping in mind this is degrees off normal, and our normal is not that cold. Just enough to enjoy some snow sports if you drive up into the mountains (which we have plenty of).


Such a colorful map of some colorful weather. I hope you like purple Mazy! Thanks for posting this. I’m in the white zone in Northern California. Just a typical snow storm predicted for us over the weekend. Just inches to feet of Sierra cement. :-)