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J's violet jelly, almost ready

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No, Schutkleur. They live about 700 miles or more from where I live, and I do not get to their house very often. Also, I think she made this in 2010. I have been taking photos from their Facebook pages, my son, daughter, and daughter-in-law, to use for puzzles. They take so many more photos than my husband and I do.


VERY interesting! Did you taste it already?


Thank you all for visiting, PLG, A3ana, and roberta64.


Wow! How interesting! I never heard of this before! Thanks, Roseheather!


Yes, like jam. Jelly, in this country, is a fruit based spread made from juice but no pulp from the fruit. My daughter-in-law found this idea on line and decided to try it. She said it calls for lemon juice as well as the infused water from the violets so it should have a lemony taste but a more pinkish purple color.


I'd like to know too, A3ana. What do you do with violet jelly? Is it like jam or marmalade?


What are you doing with it ??