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When people think about Egypt, the pyramids get all the attention. There's another more recent marvel that made an impact on the region, the Suez Canal. The waterway took 10 years to build and connects the Red and Mediterranean seas as a 193 kilometer (120 mile) long canal.

The canal was opened on March 7, 1869 providing a link between the west and the east. Previously ships had needed to travel around the Cape of Good Hope, an additional 9,000 km!

In 2011 about 17,800 ships went through the canal, carrying 691.8 million tons of cargo, equal to about 8 percent of world trade. It earned $5.13 billion in tolls in 2012.

Thanks to Pam Gaulin at for sharing the information.


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Well, thank you everyone for your lovely comments. It was a complete oversight that I forgot the info!!! I'm really pleased you enjoyed my choice of images, I cannot imagine how it must feel to have such huge vessels passing through such a narrow waterway.


It's surprising to know, that there are people actually working for a living. It seemed to me, that everybody is always on the computer to produce and solve puzzles!LOL


Fine selection of images, Mandy - and what would world trade and shipping been without the Suez and Panama canals :-)


And here I was thinking that you didn't like us any more and we had to go and look up the info on our own. Glad to know that's not the case. Fun puzzle, Thanks Mandy.


Beautiful, Mandy, thanks so very much!!


These are fantastic images for today Mandy! Such an interesting subject...I'll be back later to read your history. Thanks for all the research you do on these and for sharing it with us here.


Oopsie, Wendy is right, and I can't add it now cos I'm at work... I'll add it tonight, after I get home... 21:30 GMT. I only logged on to post my other puzzles, hope to catch up with comments later... Thanks for bearing with me :-)


Oh no! Mandy had to get up to go to work early in the morning UK time and she prepared puzzles today ahead of time. She forgot to add the info that goes with this.


Very nicely done Mandy, thanks it is quite a sight especially as Ardy noted. Lots of camels, big ships and tons of sand!!


What a contrast - the camels and the big barge. Thanks, Mandy, for today's history lesson.


Well done pictorial history lesson. Thanks.


Shall we sing Happy birthday to the Suez Canal.. Love the puzzle Thanks Mandy


I looked up the Suez Canal on wikipedia and it has a long, long history. Thanks for sharing this day with us, Mandy. As always, you found some great images. :-)


I am first on the list. hurray. I am actually first of one!