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Why Spelling Is Important?

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A number of years ago, I ordered a sheet cake from a bakery my company used all the time. I asked for a plain cake with no writing on it. When it arrived, big and bold in script were the words: "No ritting" Wonder how they would have spelled plain??!!

Usage seems to also be a problem. People do not bother to check the difference between words and meanings such as compliments and complements. It is funny so I hope it was a deliberate spelling.


There's a puzzle on Jigidi today with a quote from John Glenn, where he mentions "hurdling" through space. I'm guessing that the word should be "hurtling". Was it a mistaken transcription? Or did he really say it that way, because he confused the two words? This "tongues" could be a mistake/misspelling, or a deliberate joke; I'm not sure. But I do know that, for a person to take the time to look up a word in a dictionary, he/she has to feel uncertain of the spelling. Not looking it up may not equal laziness--it might mean that the person was sure that the spelling was correct, even though it wasn't...


I'll vote for they did it on purpose. It's funny this way. wouldn't be at all funny if it just said 'tongs'.

My vote is ignorance and laziness. We have more so called tools and people are making mistakes because they are too lazy to look up the proper word. Why not look it up in ---- horrors(!) a dictionary and get it correct (those are on-line too) so you and the store don't look like fools? Should we trust this product?


I'd have to disagree that this is ignorance.

With learning disabilities, and especially dyslexia, spelling can be very difficult. There are tools available now, such as misspellers dictionaries. With a normal dictionary someone who has difficulty spelling will experience a lot of problems trying to find a word. IF I am tired, I still have trouble coming up with the correct spelling of words at my age, even though I have a years of education beyond high school. I appreciate the fact that when I am searching something on-line there will be a line on a search page that asks "did you mean - - - - " and gives another spelling.

Don't know if my tongue is long enough, anyway....LOL !
Couldn't resist ! Thanks Mazda for the laughs !... Janine


Spelling is ALWAYS important! This is just ignorance. They spelled ''tongues'' correctly, but meant ''tongs''.