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Colorful Balloons! (medium)

81 pieces
196 solves
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All of these kaleidoscopes came from the same image.


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Kirsten - I've been told that EVERYTHING is better in Oregon! ROFL!
(Haven't we all heard THAT line before!)
But, thank you so very much. I am glad you liked them!!


WOW!! You must have beautiful balloons over there. I've never seen any here with that colour range or those patterns. They're beautiful. Thanks Jan!!


Glad you like them, Ardy! Yes, I'm home, was without the Internet for almost 18 hours and am now running out the door! Later!


Neat balloons, Jan. I like the middle left the best but they are all lovely and fun. I'm with you. I'm ready to stop partying and get back to some routine but not back to work. Thanks. Are you home?


Barb - I'm glad you enjoyed it - in spite of the challenge! And, of course you liked that one, it's blue!! LOL :D

Mariasha - I don't think I'm ready for ANOTHER party! But, I love the image. Thanks Mariasha!!

What bright, cheerful images! I could almost feel a party with balloons coming on! Thanks for the fun.


This was a toughie today, Jan, but always a fun solve. Love that middle row right kaleido. :-)