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Merry Medley! (KaleidoBOARDS)

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Today we get to play in the rain - for the first time! Should be fun! Nothing like the smell of wet dog in front of the fireplace!


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We are blessed in both the fabulous daughter and the wonderful Oregon coast! :D


Have a wonderful visit! How nice that you have such a beautiful spot to be in with your daughter.


Gail - our daughter who is teaching English in South Korea is here. We haven't seen her in 2 1/2 years! We are loving the whole visit. We can beach walk when it's sunny and poke around shops when it's not. But best of all, we can watch the waves pounding on the beach while chatting in front of the fire!


Enjoy your time with your family. Who is there? The waves on the beach sound fabulous. I love the water and watching it.


Thank you so very much - - all of you! Your comments made me smile!! I am so glad you enjoyed this one!

We are having a fabulous time......the waves are bigger in the rain and they are gorgeous pounding on the beach. The fire is warm and the family talks are the best part of all. Maggie keeps getting sandy, but is having the time of her life!


There are tiny moles around the centre of the right hand one and fluffy bunnies hiding behind cabbages (probably having their supper!). I see Gail's ladies. I think they are opera singers!

Jan, you are quite welcome to the humm of steaming dog, LOL! We are due rain for the first time in a week and personally I prefer Freddy in his dry clothes!!


Why is that Ank, did you see something naughty in one of them?


I love the blue one and the one that looks like an African print. I see some ladies standing with their hands on their hips in the left one. Thank you for a fun puzzle, Jan.


This one gave me a big laugh, thanks


Another very bright and colourful puzzle. Thanks Jan.


Gorgerous!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Fabulous Boards Jan! I also hope you're having a grand time!


Lovely BOARDS, thanks Jan. I hope you're having a good time, rain or no rain!! :~)


Thanks so much, folks! I am so glad you are enjoying these puzzles!! :D


Love this one ... thanks Jan for a fun puzzle this morning... Have a great day ... Hugs


Delightful. Pretty. Fun. Thanks, Jan.


A fun one, Jan!