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Thanks, Jan. I agree but would limit the snow to lightly on the trees and shrubs. I'm not really excited about winter coming on.


Ardy - I believe it should be the way that song in Camelot described it. The rain may never fall till after sundown, by eight the morning fog must disappear. Well, I also think that snow should not be allowed on 3 places: streets, sidewalks/stairs and roofs (for safety). It must be delegated to grass, trees, etc. ONLY. Then, I would love snow!

Great picture of your home, Ardy - it looks lovely!!


I agree with you, Ank. It's lovely to look at but not so good for getting around. I like sun and higher temperature too - just in moderation even then. LOL


A beautiful photo Ardy. I love it. Gorgious with that snow. This is the way I like snow, on (or at?) a picture. It's great for pictures, but I love sun and a higher temp more.


Yes, Kirsten, you are fortunate. If it would stay off the roads and sidewalks it wold be fine. Exactly why I said more than one snowflake is not nice! It's lovely to look at for awhile but not to shovel!! Thanks for popping in. Night night. Here's an extra hug HUG


Good morning, Hanne. This area is doing better with snow. When I first came here over 50 years ago it was pathetic. Having come from upstate New York where it's the normal happening each winter, I couldn't believe what I found here. Where I had been the year before we had a forecast one day of light snow flurries, 3-5 inches. Down here the next year the forecast was storm of blizzard proportions 3-5 inches. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by.


Oh, It's so nice to see your home Ardy! And snow is such a foreign concept to me. We don't have extreme winters. The coldest it could get would be about zero (celsius), but that's rare. Lucky us, eh? Thanks for sharing Ardy. :)))


Oh, let it stay away for many years, please!! So much trouble, so much wasted money! It might be beautiful, but it belongs to Greenland and Sweden and Norway and places like that, where they are ready to handle it when it comes, use it and like it. Here it's always as if something never seen before happens and - what are we to do about it? They are never ready! Thanks so very much Ardy!


I, too, will be more than happy to leave the shovel put away. But if we can just not lose power I'll try hard not to complain. The crews have been out on my street trimming trees away from power lines all week so far. The flag men have been very good about getting me out of my driveway. I'm about ready to crash for the night so I'll say "Night. night" ((HUGS))


We bought our first snow blower/thrower last fall, and the only storm we had that deposited enough to warrant getting it out was the October one. Unfortunately, it's an electric machine, and the power was out for 6 days...! We still don't know how well it works, and I'd be more than happy not to find out this winter, either!


Hi Pat. Love seeing you on my board. I'm hoping it doesn't look like this at all this winter. The shoveling gets harder each year. Last article I read still wasn't sure what El Nino was going to do. We might have a hard winter or more like last year. If I get to vote I go for last year!! I had the shovel out once. I have one more picture that shows more of the house that I may put up tomorrow. Now it's time for bell choir rehearsal and I'm almost out the door. Thanks for coming by here. Love having you.


Texas Star, that was a few years ago and we were snowed in for several days. I'm hoping we don't have a repeat of that this winter. Thanks for coming by and commenting.


How nice to see your home, Ardy--and I hope it doesn't look like this very often this winter! :-)))


I think you're snowed in! That's a lot of snow. Pretty entryway. Thanks.