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The Silver Birch Fairy (mini)

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There’s a gentle tree with a satiny bark,
All silver-white, and upon it, dark,
Is many a crosswise line and mark—
She’s a tree there’s no mistaking!
The Birch is this light and lovely tree,
And as light and lovely still is she
When the Summer’s time has come to flee,
As she was at Spring’s awaking.
She has new Birch-catkins, small and tight,
Though the old ones scatter
and take their flight,
And the little leaves, all yellow and bright,
In the autumn winds are shaking.
And with fluttering wings
and hands that cling,
The fairies play and the fairies swing
On the fine thin twigs,
that will toss and spring
With never a fear of breaking.


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Hi Mina Alma we all do sadly but must have to wait for good news.


Thank you all :). @CJ45 - I'm so sorry about your friend. I was hoping you might have heard something... :(


Beautiful words and pretty birch fairy. Thanks for inviting Clive :-))


Beautiful picture and lovely poem.Thanks Clive.:)))


MiniAlma, beautiful puzzle. ♥♥♥
Clive, thanks for the tag.


Two thumbs up and I would play but I'm getting old and stiff.


Wonderful Poem and image ☺♥


(◠‿◠) ~❤️ ~


Just lovely!


Precious! grins and smiles! ☺♥☺


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Well thank you Alison Mary for introducing them to me in the Autumn of my life so exciting as I have never heard of Cicely Mary Barker but love fairies and used to paint them for my dear friend in America, Lori Farrell but sadly she has been very ill and we have not heard from her in a long time now sadly.


Thank you both! :) I used to read the Flower Fairy books with my gran, many moons ago. They're timeless xx

Beautiful picture for my beautiful grandaughter, she will just love this, thank you for sharing.


Great fun MiniAlma.